Dentures, custom-made to fit an individual’s mouth, serve as replacements for missing teeth. Comprising artificial teeth and gums, dentures can either be partial (replacing only a few missing teeth and held by clasps to existing teeth) or complete (replacing all teeth in the top or bottom gum line). Complete dentures are further divided into conventional and immediate types: conventional dentures are provided after gums heal from any extractions, while immediate ones are placed on the day of tooth extraction. Overdentures, another variant, fit over any remaining teeth or dental implants.

Caring for dentures requires daily cleaning, akin to natural teeth care. While dentures are a common solution for missing teeth, there are other alternatives, like dental bridges or implants, that might be recommended based on individual needs. If you have questions or are considering options for tooth replacements, it’s crucial to seek a consultation to determine the best solution for your situation.